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TXT Talk

Wednesday 16 Sep 2015

I wrote last week about the FOMO factor (fear of missing out). This week I’m staying with acronyms because I think there is a risk we’re losing the art of communication and when it comes to real estate good negotiation relies on great communication. When you’re selling a property TXT talk isn’t OK.

That seems obvious, but you might be surprised.

Before you assume I’m the ultimate Luddite I do appreciate and embrace the convenience that comes from communication via SMS. These days nobody has enough time in their day so texting is a quick, easy way to communicate. I get that.

Indeed we use it as part of our business communication strategy. You can book a property viewing and then receive SMS reminders of times and locations. It doesn’t always have to be personal, it just has to be efficient. Perfect.

But it’s important to remember that sometimes it really does have to be personal.

For all the benefits that come from the internet, emails and SMS when it comes time to start talking money it is, quite literally, time for an agent to start talking.

It’s at that point clear communication and trust really matter. That’s certainly a sentiment echoing loudly through the corridors of Parliament House in Canberra this week!

In a property negotiation it means picking up the phone to talk through any key points at issue and get a true sense of the strength of feeling of each party involved.

It’s how a good agent will work their magic to identify common ground and find a way to achieve a result that leave everyone satisfied.

An emoticon isn’t enough.