Ewan's Blog

Go for it.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Yep. It’s still good. Actually, it’s still great and by my reckoning it’s still getting better. It’s extraordinary and the announcement of what appears to be a big spending Federal budget should further fuel the property market.

So I will repeat my mantra of last week. Go for it.

Seriously, I can’t imagine it looking this good for too much longer although I don’t think anyone expected it to reach anything near this level of sustained activity in the first place!

The entire property market is reacting like a cat on a hot tin roof. It’s jumpy. It’s excited but a little nervous, and that’s fair enough. Nobody knows how long the market can hold at these levels and that’s why vendors should be seriously contemplating listing right now.

It is such an important message it bears repeating.

Buyers are looking. Buyers are keen to commit. Buyers are prepared to meet the market and pay good prices because they’re calculating the advantages delivered by the low rate environment.

For many the mental decision to purchase has been made. The only decision left to make is whether to fix or not to fix! That’s what’s behind the market demand and it’s why vendors should be offering their property to meet that demand.

Of course a key question from vendors wavering over the value of listing is just that; what can I expect to get for my property? Will it be worth it? Could I get more if I wait?

Our team will offer any potential vendor an honest appraisal based on their knowledge of the overall market and demand within the specific communities in which we specialise in Sydney. As for the question, could I get more if I wait?

Who knows, but from where I sit, based on the numbers coming in over the last two months, the results being achieved right now are enough to put very big smiles on the faces of all vendors.