Ryan Dare

Ryan Dare

Senior Property Manager

Ryan is a Senior Property Manager in our Sydney office. With a Bachelor of Business Management from the International College of Management, Ryan had a passion for real estate and joined the Morton team for a career change and to be with the best in the business.

Ryan enjoys real estate for its fast paced environment and is results-driven to get the job done with accuracy and efficiency. He achieves great results for all landlords and tenants.

When Ryan is not at work he enjoys soccer, computer games and spending time with his black Labrador. He also has a keen interest in cars.

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Very Professional

Ryan Dare who is the property manager of my properties has been very professional in handling my requests and questions, as well as always responding in a timely and helpful manner. I would like to recommend him to anyone looking to lease their property.

Karl Xu

Highly Recommended

Our experience with Morton as landlords over the past 7 years is nothing but positive. Ryan continues the tradition of excellent managers that we have had over the years. He is quick to highlight any issues/concerns not just from us but from the tenants as well. More importantly he acts on them in a timely manner. Definitely a good operator, highly recommended.


I Thank Him...

Ryan has been the property manager for our family for some time now and has been a very professional individual to work with. No query is too big or too small and everything is attended to without hesitation. I would highly recommend Ryan and I thank him for all his assistance to date.

Priyanka Dhingra

Always Proactive

Ryan is always proactive when it comes to the management of my property. I never have to ask twice for things and he acts on my requests immediately and provides unprompted regular updates around progression of requests if they are tasks that take time. He is a pleasure to deal with and nothing is ever too much trouble. I'm extremely happy to have him as my property manager. 

Overall extremely happy and satisfied with the service Morton provides, and their fees are very reasonable. With property management as a landlord and tenant my experience has demonstrated that you get what you pay for. It's not worth compromising on quality for cost. I rented through Morton before I purchased my property (sale also through Morton) and now they manage my rental property. From all 3 customer perspectives Morton offer such a high standard of service. It's clear that the customer is at the centre of everything they do. I have recommended Morton to my family also for management of their properties. This brand is definitely one I can trust! Keep doing such a great job guys. Well done and thank you.

Louise Elizabeth

Extremely Passionate

Ryan Dare is an extremely passionate and helpful individual. My wife and I are grateful to find someone who cares about us and our properties, what we are trying to achieve and does it so so well. We have introduced him to our friends and will continue to do so. Well done Ryan and thank you for your support & assistance in the past years.

Howard Ting

And That's What Ryan Is - Resilient

The Macquarie Dictionary defines Resilience as; "the capacity to recover quickly from difficult or challenging times". 
And that's what Ryan is - resilient. 
Like the blues in a state of origin match he never shy's away from a challenge. 
He single handily taught 3 girls to change a light bulb. Taking us on the journey through the aisles of Bunnings to Kmart. And needless to say the change was electrifying.

The Eddie McGuire of Morton when Ryan Dare is in the hot seat he always has the answers to our questions. Explaining the difference between 4 weeks and a calendar month to effortlessly responding to An inbox flooded with images of cracks, leaks and cockroaches with the subject Line "fix it". Ryan has responded and resolved every issue.

In our household we have coined the phrase "what would Ryan do", a saying that has helped us overcome many adversities including reversing the child safety lock on the oven and the time Buffy locked herself out.

If Mark Holden brought back Australian Idol Ryan would win using sign language alone. He is an amazing property manager and I can't imagine how we would manage without him.

Ellen Sarah