Tyler-Marie Leach

Tyler-Marie Leach

Senior Property Manager

As a property management specialist since 2007, Tyler-Marie brings an extraordinary skill set and experience to her clients, resulting in them acquiring the highest value for their investment property. She offers a meticulous and pragmatic approach to challenges in a dynamic industry. Her clients have praised her for her professionalism, organisation skills, and analytical methodology to every task.

Tyler-Marie approaches the real estate industry with a level of zeal that manifests itself in her clients’ success. She manages to bring a delightful personality to both landlord and tenant, making for a more harmonious relationship.  She is known for her strong work ethic and being completely accessible to her clientele. 

While contract negotiation and resolution represents a tedious portion of daily challenges, Tyler-Marie takes a laser focused and dynamic approach on behalf of her clients.

She utilises honesty and integrity in a highly regulated market to grow each client’s investment. In short, Tyler-Marie epitomizes Morton’s Advantage.

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